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Sorry for the lack of updates recently, we have been extremely busy with runners both here in the uk and abroad. We have had our bes... READ MORE

Beverley bound tomorrow


Bittersweet goes to Beverley tomorrow and hopefully she can maintain our 100% record at the track this season. Both Shakour and Maifal... READ MORE

Jason Ward's horses in 'fine form'


2 from 2 in the last 2 days! A nice shout out from racing uk, they discussed what fine form our horses are in. We can get the result... READ MORE

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Kieran in BIG trouble


my young soon to be apprentice was almost packing his bags today after going out for lunch and taking the tack room keys with him leaving me unable to get in the tack room and get things together for racing at Doncaster, I told him if Eastward doesn't win today he better make himself scarce when I get home!!!!

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