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We have moved


We are pleased to announce we have now moved to the late David 'Dandy' Nicholls' former yard, Tall Trees in Thirsk. Since purchasing... READ MORE



Sorry for the lack of updates recently, we have been extremely busy with runners both here in the uk and abroad. We have had our bes... READ MORE

Beverley bound tomorrow


Bittersweet goes to Beverley tomorrow and hopefully she can maintain our 100% record at the track this season. Both Shakour and Maifal... READ MORE

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I am and always have been the first to give credit where credit is due ... Today I do the reverse and without going into a tirade I thought Rory was not given the best ride I have ever seen ... I m toning it down as to be honest team Ward ain't t too happy ! We work every hour God sends mentally and physically we drain ourselves sleepless nights can be common place ... I. e. Last night ... The whole team are meticulous in our preparation weeks months of hard work can be dashed in two minutes !!! ... And then we have to pay said person !!! Rant over ... The new girl was gently lunged this morning and was excellent in temperance and attitude .. Good girl . Summer has arrived Indian style fingers crossed it continues ... Nothing else to report except to say all gee gee s are in great health and the new walker deal is almost complete ... Thank you to all our owners who stick by us your steed s are in good hands !
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