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We have moved


We are pleased to announce we have now moved to the late David 'Dandy' Nicholls' former yard, Tall Trees in Thirsk. Since purchasing... READ MORE



Sorry for the lack of updates recently, we have been extremely busy with runners both here in the uk and abroad. We have had our bes... READ MORE

Beverley bound tomorrow


Bittersweet goes to Beverley tomorrow and hopefully she can maintain our 100% record at the track this season. Both Shakour and Maifal... READ MORE

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It s nice to be back in the yard and I truly have mised the sweet smell of shit !! Peterhouse and Rory are still enjoying their vacation period although Rory may just be sending the first signal s of ..." I am refreshed and ready for action ". .. As I took my life in my own hands this evening stables rearranging his top rug as Rory decided to bite my ass cheek before launching into a routine that an Olympic gymnast would have been proud of ! They go on the walker each day have a pick of grass and seem to be enjoying our exceptionally mild weather ... Sweetnessandlight looks fit to burst and there are tell tale signs that we are only a matter of weeks away from her first foal .. Very exciting very nervous and a million other emotions all rolled into one .. She has been with Jay and Tim since day one and was "sheikh mummy s " first winner as an owner since our father trained in the 70 s and 80 s ... She is a Ward and very much part of the family !! The Showcasing filly has pleased us no end and is slightly more forward than wished for so she may have a few relaxing weeks ! Entries for her include the French Guineas ...!.. Never Say all being well goes to Newcastle on Wednesday , although she may be ring rusty she worked very nicely this morning ... As did our old pal Bushy .. Monte heads for a decent race at Lingfield only this time we will have a lot less weight so finger s crossed ... For a colt and at this time of year he still looks amazing in his coat .. All credit to the boys who brush him and swing out of him each morning ! Stretewise too is in fine form and pleasing all that see her .. I have a soft spot for the Tagula filly although not too sure why as she tried to decapitate me this morning !! Heavenly Gait came back from Bangor with lumps and bumps a - plenty and has had a couple of quiet weeks though looked as though she was feeling happier this morning as she bounced around her stable .. The lovely though unfurnished Power filly ( just three ) is having another little rest as yet another growth spurt takes hold ! She is already the tallest in the yard lord knows how big she will become when she eventually fills her frame .. I own half of her with a silent partner and we are more than happy with our investment .. Time is such a luxury sometimes .. Once again thank you to all who saw it in their wisdom to .. Donate .. Ypres to me !! His down time each winter generally sees "Stu" chilled and fairly docile .. Well this year for reasons known only to his good self he is the grim reaper in wooly bears clothing !! Jordan s arm looks as though he has been wrestling crocodiles as he was picked up and thrown around the stable .. I can't wait until Stu is fit full of good grub and has four steel shoes on ..!'.. We may have to don a suit of armour before entering his domain ! The Pastoral Pursuits colt .. Pasty to his mates .. Is a complete and utter star who just wants to go forward , learn and love s life .. No serious questions have been asked of him as yet though I sincerely believe he will respond once again . He has put a little lard on though looks fantastic and finger s crossed Mr . Sutton s detective work pays dividends . .... Nice to see my pal Joe Colliver had his first ride back yesterday after a short time off ... Something I need to get off my chest .. I have been reliably informed that each time the air ambulance takes off it equates to somewhere in the region of thirty thousand pounds : well I am sorry but no collar bone injury justifies that .. Team Ward have a mission we think this coming week as we have been asked to pick up a horse from France and try it .. Will keep you posted .. Another order for the horses in training sale in Febuary will see us at maximum capacity though Tim will always find room , much to Kate s annoyance . We lay Kate s mum to rest in a week or so and I would like to announce that no flowers please though donations to The injured jockeys and Cancer research .. Many thanks
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