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We have moved


We are pleased to announce we have now moved to the late David 'Dandy' Nicholls' former yard, Tall Trees in Thirsk. Since purchasing... READ MORE



Sorry for the lack of updates recently, we have been extremely busy with runners both here in the uk and abroad. We have had our bes... READ MORE

Beverley bound tomorrow


Bittersweet goes to Beverley tomorrow and hopefully she can maintain our 100% record at the track this season. Both Shakour and Maifal... READ MORE

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My darling wife has asked ( ordered ) me to mention to all our female readers ( owners wives girlfriend s etc) that she is now taking orders for handmade country hats with feathers or the more traditional races / wedding hats . Please add Kate on Facebook ! A lovely day in Middleham to remind me why I do what I do in life .. At the crack of dawn as the mist slowly lifts over Middleham viewing our horses gallop past with nostrils flared is so bloody good for the soul and puts a spring in ones step .. Sweetie the foal is growing at an alarming rate and almost knocked me over this morning as I led mum to the paddock ..!.. She then proceeded to bounce around the paddock lining Jason up in the process and almost kicking him as mum was very fond of doing !! I did laugh heartily as he took evasive action before regaining his dignity . Both girls were given the whole day as temperatures reached double figures . Pasty continues to please and I heard that a couple of fancy entries may well be discussed with connections ! Embers too " floats" according to Chris and is catching the eye ! Jordan assures me that Monte ( the tongue) is on fire and goes to Lingfield on Wednesday in great shape .. Must also mention Damon who was grabbed by the cheek as he attempted to put a bridle on Ypres ..!!!... It was merely a morning kiss hello I pointed out as I helped to don said headgear !! Rory is most certainly on the comeback trail as he did his impressions of " Tigger" from The Whinnie The Poo books ! He loves life he loves his work and he loves giving me palpitations as he heads off on his daily routine . Peterhouse still looks a little wooly in his coat but is going about his work in great fashion and we are very pleased with him .. Gloria has filled out and really does look the part .. A very pretty grey filly that we have the luxury of taking our time with .. I just don t think Gloria has read the script though .. She loves life and wants to get on with it !! Typical teenager !! Heavenly Gait came out of her race really well and Jason and I still harbour good things for this daughter of Revoque .. She gives and shows us more than enough at home to assure us that some more nurturing will pay dividends. She looks fantastic in herself and credit to her lad who brushes her each evening as between you and I .. She does not enjoy being brushed and reminds you of that fact with teeth bared ! Stretewise has had two easy ish days since she ran though looked happy to be cantering this morning and revelled in the early morning exercise . I have always had a soft spot for her ( as I do with most of them !!) and my smile will be widest of all when she wins .. And she will .. My son Harry ( H to all of us ) who has no interest in racing whatsoever has reached two cup finals with his football team and looks certain to win the league has just informed me that we are heading to Wembley to watch our beloved Leeds United in the play offs !
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