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We have moved


We are pleased to announce we have now moved to the late David 'Dandy' Nicholls' former yard, Tall Trees in Thirsk. Since purchasing... READ MORE



Sorry for the lack of updates recently, we have been extremely busy with runners both here in the uk and abroad. We have had our bes... READ MORE

Beverley bound tomorrow


Bittersweet goes to Beverley tomorrow and hopefully she can maintain our 100% record at the track this season. Both Shakour and Maifal... READ MORE

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Turf racing begins


April fools day has passed me by in a blur as I soaked up the racing on TV as Ryan Moore showed us just how good he is .. !! Nice to see Neil Farley win the Brockelsby very pleased for him . Shane Gray joined us this morning and he partnered Rory in a nice piece of work this morning .. His smile told me all I needed to know as Rory Embers and Peterhouse went through their paces . A lovely warm day and the horses seem to relish the sunshine and winter coats are being shed by all .. Taggy ( Stretewise) has been entered on Thursday in a race at Southwell and fingers crossed as the filly looks amazing in her coat and has flourished since last weeks exertions . Ypres bit me again this morning .. I reckon that is somewhere in the region of 500 scars I now have ! He too is dropping his coat and seems to be very much back to his old self ..I really think we'll have some fun with him this year as the old boy just seems happier in himself .. Heavenly Gait kicked Damon yet again yesterday.. Poor lad still goes back for more and loves the filly who also looks fantastic and works so well at home that we still know she has an engine . The (big girl) Power filly ( still un named ) is huge and filling out into a gorgeous big girl . A racehorse in the making mark my words . Everyone in the yard loves her .. Although Jordan maybe not as much as some as she buries him on a regular basis .. Poor lad !! Gloria turns a lighter grey each day .. She has grown filled out and loves her work .. Especially experimenting with the gear box . . We have asked no questions of her still though I have high hopes for my little tank . !! Monte is loving his vacation and seems well over the worst ( considering his loss !!! ) I repeat myself again as I say I can't wait to see him at maybe York or Doncaster . A year ago today he was third in the Brockelsby, should possibly have been second to a group one winner .. He would have won it today ! Pasty too has had a growth spurt and really does look the part .. He is a big lad now and another who loves his graft and eats me out of house and home ! Never Say ( Nelly ) just gets on with things and may go for a race at Ripon that she was third in last year so fingers crossed . We like little Nelly a true professional who pretends she is ferocious but is a big softy really . Well as what has been quite a tumultuous week draws to a close ( two trips to h q with Sweetnessandlight a family funeral ) the turf season has finally arrived and I would just like to wish all our owners and all at team Ward ( mothers wives staff ) a successful and productive season ...oh and can I just also reassure you all that we work very hard and keep very long hours in order to achieve success for all . Of course I am biased though I must say that my brother is a very good trainer and while we do have our differences his experience is second to none and it s great to see hard work pay off with heads over doors !! Thank you all ... Onwards and upwards...
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